Fatima, The Struggle Is Real!

Format: 12''   

Label: Burial Soil   Cat: BUR007

Cat: BUR007

Release date: 05/03/2021


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This Burial Soil release is produced by label owner Ravn Jonassen
and it comes with remixes by Radioactive Man and DJ Frankie. It was
an advertisement of the UK government, suggesting a ballet dancer
called Fatima, should retrain in cyber security, that caught his
attention and initialized thoughts about the situation of artists during
and after the on-going pandemic. That’s why he dedicated the title of
his EP to this fictional character, which stands for all artists, that are
left without much perspective or help or even any appreciation of
their government and the general public: „Fatima, The Struggle Is
Real!“ But in the end the message is clear, we will get through all this
misery, as long as we don’t give up. Artists where always a filter of
their environment and past has proven that it’s been the tough times,
that pushed artists to reach their full-potential.

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