Fill​-​Lex Rec VA Vol 1

Format: 12''   

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLR02

Cat: FLR02

Release date: 15/10/2019


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Applehead (Sam de la Rosa & Katrina Fairlee)
Sam De La Rosa. Austin, TX musician, artist and DJ. Lead songwriter of the New York cult band, Led Er Est, which released on Sacred Bones, Wierd Records, Captured Tracks and Mannequin. Currently working as a solo artist he has published in Mannequin and Burka for Everybody. He is half of the wild experimental project Samaritan Quell (with Bill Converse) and in a more soundtrack oriented band, The Coombe (with Karen Sharkey). In recent collaborations in 2019 we find him working with Kyle Dixon (SURVIVE / Stranger Things), Joshua Cordova and Katrina Fairlee. We had him in a live solo format on the label’s first anniversary and he left us all with a great taste in our mouths. Katrina grew up on the small electronic scene in Austin, TX and started playing over a decade ago. A member of the now-defunct Intergalactic FM radio show Timelife Methrave. Over 100 of his “tunnel dive” podcasts incorporate sonic obscurities that delve into the expansive realm of electronic music. He has collaborated with Sneaker DJ and Joshua Cordova, these songs can be found on the Uncanny Vally and FIt Sound labels.

Neud Photo
Nico Nightingale, prolific producer of electro/experimental/wave with a discography that dates back to 2010, and that takes the hiccups away. A native of New York, his solo project Neud Photo has a dossier of releases on various labels including VEYL, Return to Disorder and Rat Life to name a few, along with a formidable catalogue of additional projects including INTRZN, XEROX, Polymer, Ceci N’est Pas and Wall $ treet. Neud Photo is a talented artist with an unhealthy addiction to hardware that offers live shows that are hard to forget if you’ve ever witnessed one. His skill with synthesizers is evident from the very first minute.

Julio Tornero
He has been involved in a wide variety of projects and groups (the most well known Ancient Regime and Indian Astral Polygon). Julio has also been publishing excellent references on labels such as Conjunto Vacío, Cintas Chromo (subseyo of BFE records), Verlag System or Demonodrome. His last 12″ in Femur “Despojos Cósmicos” is a genius of dark electronics that drinks from both the coolest industrial EBM and travelling experimentation. He has just published a compendium of old songs in cassette format for Fill-lex in which he displays a display of styles, the height of very few producers, as well as his live shows.
Lex-Or & Go5
Lex-Or His journey with electronics began six years ago with sporadic electronic pub dj sessions close to ebm, dark-synth, minimal-synth and minimal-wave sounds. Nowadays he is the captain of Fill-Lex Records, an electronic label based on the edition in vinyl of sounds close to EBM/Dark Techno, going through the darkest Electro and Minimal Synth. He has just published his first song for Industrial Complexx magazine in a compilation of artists in cassette format. Go5, on the other hand, is Gorka Undersound’s music production project and in constant evolution. He has been distributing vinyls, djs and shakers of the northern scene since the beginning of the century from Cybertech. Collecting and producing syncopated sounds with textures and dark atmospheres that are difficult to catalogue, he has been developing musical projects, caressing and expanding his knowledge of electro, techno and industrial music of various kinds. Along these years they have contributed to shape his abilities giving birth to his first vinyl cut together with his great friend, partner and founder of the label Lex-Or combining and adding joint energies in it.

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