FLAWS - Unseen World

Format: Cassette   Grey

Label: ANAØH   Cat: ANALTD005CA

Label: ANAØH


Release date: 27/06/2022


Hay existencias

When we started working on the planning of this third chapter of the series, we were looking for an artist with whom there was a special bond, of friendship, affection and respect, but above all young.
We get to the name of FLAWS, an artist who complies with the aforementioned and who is working constantly and meticulously on his productions.
This is how ‘Unseen World’ was born, a release composed of 5 original tracks, full of strength, mysticism, depth, and faithful to our ideals, a classic groove that blends perfectly with the futuristic proposal of this young English artist.

Our 2 previous editions were absolutely amazing works and with wonderful results, by CRAVO and Albert Chiovenda, in this new installment FLAWS has been up to what we can define as ‘elegant sound’

Contrasts have always been very important to ANAØH’s philosophy and that is why we once again looked for the Remixers that will participate in the B-side of the physical release to be a mix between young artists who are doing extraordinary things and consecrated artists, unique and whom We owe inspiration, gratitude and respect.
Mark Broom, The Advent, Arthur Robert, Staffan Linzatti, Dig-it are in charge of contributing their wonderful works and particular vision to redesign the original tracks… The result is phenomenal, a balanced release, full of strength, and a special magic based on love that can be created when different generations of talent meet.
Thanks to each of them for believing in the project and making it something wonderful.

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