Folkcore Vol. 1

Format: Cassette   +DL + Stickers

Label: Faith Disciplines   Cat: FAITH012

Cat: FAITH012

Release date: 06/09/2020



Whenever we talk about Group we emphasize that anonymity and its particular sound are its most remarkable qualities. Few projects work clandestinity if not for the popularity that this type of attitude can bring to the public, but this is not the case of Group, and it is not its case because it has never benefited from this condition nor do we believe that it will in the future. The other particular feature that we always tend to name is their sound, since they have their own highly recognizable sound that few artists or bands can aspire to.

The Group’s sound is mainly characterized by its severe low fidelity treatment and its industrial condition. From these two elements, Group adopts different personalities that normally oscillate between experimental, industrial or even techno, but always exposed to sound degradation. And this happens with these three styles and with any of them, since their musical field seems to have no end, as they show with their last release.

Faith Disciplines is the label that hosts the first volume of Folkcore, an album focused on industrial sounds with ethnic influences, which somehow reminds us of a very early stage of this genre in which strong tribal rhythms were mixed with domestic recordings in which tribe songs, rituals or instrumental recordings could appear.

The mysterious musical group ,debuts on the Faith Disciplines label with an album of industrial music with a variety of ethnic influences, voices and traditional instruments fused with powerful rhythms

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