Forward From Past Lives

Format: 12''   

Label: RLGN ‎   Cat: RLGN002

Label: RLGN ‎

Cat: RLGN002

Release date: 07/02/2016


Hay existencias

After a year from his debut EP on RLGN the artist that hides behind the “SRNDR” acronym has again something to say. “Forward From Past Lives” is his last exploration into the conscious, memories and mind. Dark, visceral and uncompromising as usual the track takes the pulsating elements already present in his frst work to a next level, stimulating a sort of hypnosis in the audience. Juho Kusti take over the B-Side this time with a stunning personal reinterpretation of the title track that rewards the patient listener.

Comes with handstamped A4 insert

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