Generative Operations 2

Format: 12''   

Label: Drivecom   Cat: DCOM017

Label: Drivecom

Cat: DCOM017

Release date: 15/09/2020


Hay existencias

Following the first episode, Drivecom presents the second part of
the Generative Operations series. It continues with the dark,
technical and minimal concept of music mixed toguether with
contemporary, cinematic elements and experimental sounds and

The vision and workflow keeps up the same vibe as with the first
ep and you will find more synth lines involved into a generative
structure from complex and massive modular patches. The
sequencing is always different each time every track is being
played back giving us a unique listening.

About the sound design all the tracks have a cinematic vibe as in
the first 12”. Always looking for a situation where cinema meets
electronic music as being planned as a film sound track. Also
constructed from the point of view of a minimalistic vision, you’ll
find long progressions and small details focused in electro rhythms
as a basic and main structure.

In the other hand all the tracks have a common target: a cinematic
vibe. As if they were composed thinking about to fit in any sci-fi
thriller movie. Again we can hear massive granular sythesis pads,
background noises, experimental compression routines that help
to fullfill the Generative Operation series.

The limited edition vinyl has been pressed in 180gr. keeping up the
analog character sound in this format, meanwhile the digital
version will be a clearer and clinical one.

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