Gnosis Of Wolfers

Format: 12''   

Label: Creme Organization   Cat: CREME12-81

Cat: CREME12-81

Release date: 09/03/2015



Photonz is Marco Rodriguez, a London based but Portuguese producer who has been active for a decade plus. Here he debuts on Creme Organization after impressing with EPs on Ibadan, One Eyed Jacks and Unknown To The Unknown.

His first cut, ‘Gnosis Of Wolfers’ is a raw, knackered sounding house track with glassy melodic tension and slow-jack drums. It’s intense, multi-layered and nervy and keeps you engaged from start to finish. ‘Ceremonial Acid’ is then an airy, spacious affair with heavenly pads and gurgling synths and drums. Loose but atmospheric, it’s a fulsome track that really places you in the middle of Photonz’s sound world. ‘Sad Mania’ is another misty sounding cut with watery droplets, aqueous textures and ramshackle drums rattling below, before ‘Filterhatz’ is a slow and sludgy acid offering with sharp hi hats, filtered 303 lines and lots of wobble.

Lastly, digital only track ‘Basik’ rounds out the EP in brooding fashion, with big retro synths, percolating drums and pinging percussion. There are plenty of unique qualities to Photonz’s work and this EP further confirms that fact.

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