Goddesses Of Inspiration II

Format: 12''   Clear

Label: Flight Recorder   Cat: FLR-012

Cat: FLR-012

Release date: 08/06/2015



18 months after Perseus Traxx brought Flight Recorder his first E.P, dedicated to four of the nine Muses of ancient Greece, the label now ushers in the second instalment dedicated to four more Muses, on Goddesses Of Inspiration II. The feel is the same as before with jagged cutting tones jammed live then edited down. Heavy synths and scattered drums perform an ode characterising the appropriate Muses, as tangled wires and a pair of hands wrench the overload of inspiration they give from basic machines. Once again Perseus’ release on Flight Recorder is a unique set of acid-free sonic experiments, that sometimes feel as cold and edgy, as they do warm and carefree.

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