Ground EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Modal Analysis   Cat: MA07

Cat: MA07

Release date: 03/09/2014



The seventh Modal Analysis release comes from Athenian producer and dj, ANFS. Following his remix for Kondaktor’s Signal #1 , ANFS returns to the label with his debut release, “Ground”, a four track EP which consists of original material.

Borrowing sounds from early twentieth century folk Greek culture, the EP is dominated by a rhythmic canibalistic spirit and a noisy distorted cue. Ground #1 functions as an introduction, or rather one’s initiation to the mystic rituals that prevail.

The artist uses drones and distorted textures which increase in Ground#2 and are backed up by drums that beat in a hard-and-slow ethnic tonality. Ground#3 reveals a paroxysm of emotions which comes as a result from the combination of basslines and vocals that create a complex and twisted vortex. The trip ends with Ground#4, a more stripped down monotonic ensemble that serves as an epilogue and a catharsis.

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