Format: Cassette   

Label: Strange Therapy   Cat: ST06

Cat: ST06

Release date: 13/03/2019


Hay existencias

English aural terrorist Never Worse debuts on Strange Therapy with the 6-track cassette Gutter. Being true to its name, the work is a series of grinding assaults in which modern industrial/noise music with rhythmic tendencies becomes a template upon which brooding soundscapes are sculptured.

Bite The Concrete welcomes us with its haunting dark vibes, before it explodes in an industrial march made of mechanical movements and ominous lines. The rhythmic mantra uses pauses in order to convey a sense of dread. The listener will find himself crushed under the obsessive track. Dead Tooth presents grinding distortions and shrilling effects, evoking a factory-in-hell wherein an obscene ritual is consumed amidst the ever-functioning machines. An eerie atmosphere pervades the number, but the grittier side of the music is not forgotten. Cannibal is a dissonant tour de force with ritualistic noisescapes among which ghostly harsh vocals moves, preying on our fears. An ancient world made of prehistoric rules collides with the industrial setting, fusing past and present in an ominous mantra.

The Title Track is a dark dimension with grim landscapes and underlined tension, an affair full of grit and epochal visions. It slowly adds the usual ritualistic elements in a well crafted structure in which a suspended tension never find its climax, losing itself instead into nothingness. Misery is a dark ambient voyage exploding with considerable disturbances and droning effects. A crawling movement guides us toward ominous moments of silence, ready to be assaulted by obsessive marches. The last track is a remix of Bite The Concrete by experimental artist Oil Thief, who reworks the track into a more experimental take on noise music, full of shrilling effects and compulsive stomping attacks. Rhythmic noise innuendos enrich the palette here used, offering a hypnotizing repetition. But it doesn’t end here: the second half sees a different course dwelling in melancholic synth-lines, before returning to harsher territories.
released March 13, 2019

Written and produced by Never Worse, with an additional remix by Oil Thief.
All tracks mastered by Niumen Studio
Words by Davide Pappalardo
Strange Therapy, Amsterdam | ST006

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