Hainbach - Tagwerk

Format: Cassette   Black Cassette

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC025

Cat: IC025

Release date: 13/10/2022


Hay existencias

Hainbach is the paradigm of the revaluation of outdated material and the reconditioning of machines destined for other purposes that have nothing to do with sound, although his work as a researcher is currently much broader, his technological mastery is possibly one of the most advanced of our era.

Tagwerk is an album that honours Hainbach’s way of working. It is recorded on a Crumar DS-2, an early Italian synthesiser he acquired and which began to malfunction shortly after he started it up, hence the title. This album is about embracing the broken and letting it inspire you. Much of it was recorded in two days, not even daring to open the window or turn off the synthesizer for fear that inspiration would escape or that it would break completely. He recorded 22 tracks in this marathon state, and the ones on this release are the ones that survived. There is a sonic magic in that era that is unsurpassed.

Tagwerk is accompanied by a book that tells the story of this German producer and also discusses many of his machines and working techniques.

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