Haunting Memories Vol II

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Label: No Way Records   Cat: NWRCS002

Cat: NWRCS002

Release date: 22/05/2020


Hay existencias

Second volume of the ambient anthology edited by No Way Records: Haunting Memories Vol. II is composed of tracks made by ten artists, some of whom already present in the label’s stable. From the metaphysical liturgy of Amarcord to the industrial of Traversable Message, from the sci-fi excursions of TVS, Dj Datch, Lius & Light Spheres and Mark Strain to the analogue sequences of Atypikal and Matteo Di Cosmo, from the syncopated rhythms of WTTM to the IDM of Mokship, Haunting Memories is a collection that offers a heterogeneous overview of the world of the most cerebral and meditative electronic music.

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