Haunting Midnight

Format: Cassette   

Label: Occultist   Cat: OCC01

Label: Occultist

Cat: OCC01

Release date: 04/06/2020


Hay existencias

Portland-based vocalist and musician Lucia Luna, is an artist with many talents. Already part of the electro-rock band, We Are Like The Spider and the dance-pop outfit Unicorn Domination, her soulful and unique voice hypnotizes the listener while her music crafts an ethereal world made of electronic soundscapes and orchestral vibes.

She gives us a sonic reality rooted in elegant but affirming motifs via sound manipulation and skillful textures upon which she lays her vocals. Contemporary electronic music, classical vibes, beautiful melodies and crawling rhythms combine in a seductive pattern.

Now she debuts as a solo artist with the 5-track EP Hunting Midnight on Berlin-based techno/experimental label Occultists, offering something really new and personal going beyond dance music and touching the inner chords of the listener. 

Her sound is informed by electronic melodies without sounding retro or old, instead of the usual 80’s throwback we have here a modern piece of music. 

Di Menta Pana, welcomes us with its ambient intro soon reached by monumental atmospheres and hidden vocals, waiting for the climax toward which we move step by step with the help of well placed effects. That climax is the next track, Pressing, a sumptuous episode rich in vibrant soundscapes and totally hypnotizing vocals underlined by serpentine movements. A charming refrain takes us during the steady crescendo, until everything explodes in an emotional outburst.

Origami plays with pulsating synth sounds in an art-pop performance graced by ethereal chants and suggestive melodies. The track sees an adding of elements, which concurs to a developing with pauses and charmful reprises where a mournful chorus conquers us. Orchestral arches complete the scene in a grandiose fashion.

Shiver follows suit with a rhythmic percussion opening up to riffing synths with majestic vibes. Dance-pop qualities are on full display, as well as exhilarating climaxes full of classical sounds and powerful vocals. The second half of the number sees a well-placed bridge guiding us toward a phenomenal finale. 

The Mourning ends our voyage with well-orchestrated vocal deliveries full of reverb and obsessive, almost droning, parts. Then, lyrical performances show us a complete artist giving us real music with a soul. An almost ecclesiastical pathos is based on simple but effective notes; so we find ourselves mesmerized by the sudden end of the track.

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