High Life

Format: Cassette   

Label: Bruto Industries   Cat: BRT002

Cat: BRT002

Release date: 22/02/2021


Hay existencias

“We believe that we are immortal, that we can make our life a constant pleasure, that we can have a high life, excesses of pleasure when we forget what is really important, seeing ourselves in the mirror and recognizing how bad there is inside of us. High Life, and hard times.”

Bruto Industries is presenting its new reference ‘High Life’ in this occasion signed by Colombian Jesús David Restrepo , AKA Damaged Clock, an artist from Bogotá and founder of DClock Records, a basic pillar of Colombian electronic scene where he stands out by a solid and dynamic live performance. During his short career, he has been able to release several pieces in which you can feel his musical view by exploring sounds that define his model ranging from Electro, Techno, Industrial and EBM.

This EP consists of 6 tracks characterized by an aggressive synthesis that flows through broken rhythms, tearing voices and moving melodies forming an emotional and firm reference.

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