Format: 12''   Multicoloured vinyl / Insert / Sticker

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: MAI5

Cat: MAI5

Release date: 04/12/2020


Hay existencias

New name, new collab, new EP.
Daniel Stöger a.k.a FNX just can’t get enough.
Disordered Kind in 2018, Anacle in 2019 and now – Odd Ashes.
The third project in just two years.
He found new inspiration alongside his old “Kumpel” Andi Leschitz and the result is nothing less than a mesmerizing “Hivemind” EP.
A fresh combination of deep underground techno sound and rhythm so typical of Daniel with delicate melodic themes supplied by Andi.
Let the Odd hypnosis begin!

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