Format: 12''   

Label: Lobster Theremin   Cat: LTBLK010

Cat: LTBLK010

Release date: 15/06/2017



Ozel AB comes swinging back to the Lobster fam. This time with a hardware-heavy, industrial-blended sound extracted from the rigs of the North Sea.

Hints of the lucid tripped-out melodia remain but this time bolstered and scaffolded with steel roads, clanging metallic hooks and grumbling machine-torn synths.

Analogue residue cooked and filtrated from deep within the oil labs; drilled, extracted, refined and burned. Nothing is permanent and the result is a form of beautifully-smudged effervescent chaos.

Hogtown channels a good deal of those metal rhythms underpinned by a grumbling, scuffed bass-line, clanging discordant keys and spoken word tinges.

Ceiling-splitting UK bassline merges with a humped techno roller on Red Wet. Scorched hats, flamin’ kicks and that yelped vocal refrain that underpins the heat.

Analogue grunts and fluttering, stuttering resonance collide on synth medley Dolly Dipped. A proper journeyman jam from the dredged depths of the ocean, through the submarine hull, the thin winding metallic corridors, out of the hatch and into the surface sunlight. A journey back from the raw elemental depths

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