Home Alone

Format: 2 X CD   

Label: I-Traxx Recordings   Cat: ITX015

Cat: ITX015

Release date: 15/09/2020



About the Album:
“Home Alone” is the debut album by Aitor Burgui, an album divided into two parts, CD1 is the terrain in which the Navarrese producer lists the most important things in his life, his family dedicating a song to each member of it, Iker, Verónica, Martin, Aora, Burgui and Fuentes are reviewer and turned around in a dark techno key, the result of this metamorphosis is Reki, Avinorev, Aroa, Rotia, Nitram, Iugrub and Setneuf. Tracks designed to darken the hardest tracks.
The other axis on which the album pivots is CD2; A collection of remixes from friends and artists with which the author has shared a booth and musical experiences. Legends and promises that make up the techno scene such as: Xpansul, Editer, Tim Baker, Nöle, III3S and Korben Nice come together in a mix that expands the techno boundaries for this album.
The design is carried out by the artist himself as this is his main work activity, an elaborate illustration that gives added value to this “Home Alone”

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