I Am Mensch

Format: 12''   

Label: Mechatronica   Cat: MTRON006

Cat: MTRON006

Release date: 20/04/2018



Zeta Reticula a.k.a. UMEK drops a dose of razor sharp electro, built in collaboration with mysterious co-producer Helga Neuer. Having released records under the electro-driven moniker for the past 18 years, Zeta Reticula continues to develop his unique soundscapes of harmonic electro bliss, cinematic chords and powerful, dynamic bass.

From the A-side’s anthemic title track and moodier journey of Luminsferatu, to the trippy realms of Mimic To Appear and Cromat, I Am Mensch truly encapsulates the sound of Zeta Reticula, and carefully blends inspiration from past, present and future electro domains.

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