In the Dark Again 10

Format: 12''   

Label: In the Dark Again   Cat: DARK010

Cat: DARK010

Release date: 09/11/2018


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Snuffo is super excited to present you In The Dark Again 10. This very special vinyl release contains songs by the maestro Iron Blu and the very talented Federico Leocata. It’s like a soundtrack to an imaginary movie, truly music made for dreaming.

Iron Blu (aka Mick Clarke) is a UK producer, DJ and broadcaster on Intergalactic FM and Living In The City Radio. He runs the labels Flight Recorder and Weapons Of Desire. His production career spans more than three decades and the genres of krautrock/cosmic, post-punk and electro funk. Iron Blu was also original member of postpunk electronic band Naked Lunch. For In The Dark Again 10, this legend created three magic pieces calling up the tradition of artists like John Carpenter, Brian Eno or Vangelis, while making his own mark.

The second man on the release, Federico Leocata, is an Italian audio-visual artist. His beautiful and dark work has been shown in Athens, Thessaloniki and Catania, and released on labels like Frustrated Funk, Abstract Forms, Central Processing Unit or Shipwrec. Leocata’s two tracks for In The Dark Again 10 are emotional and sinister pieces, that round out this record wonderfully.

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