In the Dark Again 11

Format: 12''   

Label: In the Dark Again   Cat: DARK011

Cat: DARK011

Release date: 30/04/2019



Kick off 2019 with In The Dark Again 11! This latest installment brings together 5 great tracks. The Bleak Engineers from St. Petersburg (Svetlana Zombierella and Alexander Moralez), lead the way with their irresistible groove and melancholic synth melodies on – Scientific Science’. Next up with a heavy hitter called – PTP’ is Synkronized, the specialist in dark electronic sounds out of Russia. Coming in third on the A Side is a fascinating sinister baseline with a hypnotic build-up titled – Electronic Humming’, produced by Pablo Dissko (born in Greece, living in Amsterdam).

The B-side keeps it rolling with Greek artist KSTS’ wicked Electro on his vocoder-driven tune: – Three Hundred Dark Times’. Closing out the collection is Alavux (born in Serbia, living in Macedonia), another true Electro master delivering a banger called – Bender’, that leaves absolutely no questions.

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