Industrial Complexx Vol. 1

Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC001

Cat: IC001

Release date: 04/10/2019


Hay existencias

Industrial Complexx was born in February as a medium linked to dark, transgressive, experimental, eclectic and dissonant electronic music. It first emerges as a digital platform but, its activity expands as a record company, and also, as a printed medium.

On 28th September the first volume of Industrial Complexx goes on sale, the magazine deals with different musical themes with interviews, reports and current affairs articles. But this first volume is also accompanied by the label’s first reference with an album by several artists that will be published in digital format and on cassette.

The A side of Industrial Complexx Vol.1 opens with ‘Close Handle’, track by K3RN3L PØISSØN (Víctor Martínez, Error Etica) of pleasant atmospheres, absorbing harmony and syncopated rhythm. AM.MA raises the intensity with Preludio, polyrhythmic track, deep and forceful. Radiosity is the third cut of face A, techno of constant beat (4×4) and heartbreaking textures, by Serbian Katran. SOJ signs the fourth cut of face A with XIII feat Teodoro, penetrating track with random punch and apocalyptic phrases. The Belgian duo Orphan Swords closes face A with Purple Heart Return, a great work that evolves masterfully from a degraded arpeggio and a cutting rhythm until it changes course with the incorporation of a new sound structure.

The B-side starts with the enigmatic Group, 190604_2863 is a tarnished track that remains in an environment below the audible spectrum, with dark textures and a disturbing percussion. Pedro Pecho stands out for its originality, Ceresoles creates a disturbing sound environment that is difficult to catalogue. Cándido is able to move you to a primeval temporal space with the modern new beat of Jai Radhe! Lex-Or is in charge of the fourth track of this B-side, Ánsia Viva is a radioactive theme with an unbalanced cadence that only recovers a minimum of sanity with the entry of several snares. Sociedades en Tetra Brik share artistic component with Ceresoles and anarchic similarity, but Devastation is a more blunt and direct work with a marked metric and a melody that fits perfectly with a creepy locution. Santiago López closes this first installment with The Sickle, a track created with his usual performance of electronic devices combined with utensils and different homemade elements.

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