Ingen Tak Til Systemet

Format: 12''   

Label: Kulør   Cat: KULØR003

Label: Kulør

Cat: KULØR003

Release date: 03/10/2019


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Copenhagen-based producer Rune Bagge (Northern Electronics/Ectotherm) presents the third installment on Courtesy’s Kulor imprint. “Ingen Tak Til Systemet” (English translation: No Gratitude Towards The System) is a four track exercise in pure unadulterated sonic ultraviolence – if we’ve ever heard such a thing. From the pummeling and strobe-lit warehouse onslaught of opener “Secret Solutions”, to the guttural and contorted noise terror of “Repulsion” followed by the frantic peak time mentalism of “I Am The Solution” which then gives way to the hyperspeed IDM of “Coup D’Etat” – there’s truly no rest for the wicked on this one!

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