Format: Cassette   Green

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS20

Cat: FLCS20

Release date: 22/12/2022


Hay existencias

Fill-Lex Records presents a new sonic alliance between its head, Lex-Or, and Chari Prima, member of Haus Frauen, a post-punk band from Mallorca formed in 2016 by 5 women. Ingrata, the name adopted by this project, is a word with a meaning that can be due to different interpretations, and one of them, the least aggravating and most suitable, refers to roughness, to the icy nature of a texture or of a rough and irregular material. However, this is merely an assumption and one of countless ways of describing this new project morphologically.

Ingrata releases this first eponymous EP showing hints of a sound based on organic percussion, with rough nuances and a diversified style, in which we can find from the soft and hypnotic techno of Tag Fur Tag to other degraded sonic arguments, such as Digitale Lust. This four-track, which will be released on cassette, is completed with Ex Machina, a cut in which a leathery bass line prevails, and closes the EP Big Data, the most forceful of the four tracks, with an intense punch and a ritualistic sound environment.

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