Format: 12''   

Label: Rune & Ruin   Cat: R001

Cat: R001

Release date: 03/12/2019



INSHROUDSS marks the first Bestial Mouths release entirely written and conceived by Cerezo, vocalist and frontwoman since the project’s roots in 2006. Through each of the EP’s five tracks, Cerezo’s commanding voice usurps the role of victim for that of destroyer—with scars where wings once beat the sky.

Drawing from the initial Bestial sound of emotionally gripping post-punk, Cerezo crafts deeply personal lyrics of self-stagnation and trauma, while longtime friend and collaborator Brant Showers (∆AIMON/SØLVE) provides a heart-pulverizing fury of industrialized electronics. Along with production by new collaborator Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus), INNSHROUDSS remains infinitely body-moving on even the most discerning of darkwave dance floors.

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