Interjector - Parashimmers

Format: 12''   Black

Label: Darkfloor Sound   Cat: DRKFLR008

Cat: DRKFLR008

Release date: 09/09/2022


Hay existencias



Working around an evolved techno structure, his sound is
razor cut and intricate, yet remains very much designed
for the dancefloor.

Recording and mangling found sound into layers of
rhythm and texture, Interjector has achieved the bridge of
deep sound design and audio manipulation with club
facing headspace drivers. They sit balanced on a knife
edge between the free abandonment of a club banger,
and that of an introverted sound world. Absolutely these
are going to roll steadfast into any darkened club floor,
yet are backed with a level of detail and focus often tried
but rarely achieved to such a standard.
Like all our music on Darkfloor Sound, we let it do the
Listen. And play. Play loud.
We are Darkfloor.

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