Into a Circle

Format: 12''   

Label: Jealous God   Cat: JG02

Cat: JG02

Release date: 10/04/2014



James Ruskin takes charge on the 2nd issue from his, Regis and Silent Servant’s Jealous God label.  Six tracks frame the UK techno stalwart at his most sombre, gothic, oscillating between rugged techno minimalism and cinematic vignettes. A-side bears a twitchy, pensive roller called ‘Into A Circle’ layered with SITS-style melodic progressions, plus the gloomy majesty of ‘Excerpt One’. The flip opens with a chilling organ recital entitled ‘Excerpt Two’ consecrating the side for the aquatic dub techno baptism of ‘The Nature Of Our Hurting’ and the electro-stung EP highlight, ‘What Falls To The Ground’.

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