Into the Hearth of Nothing

Format: 12''   

Label: Zhark   Cat: ZHARK0033

Label: Zhark

Cat: ZHARK0033

Release date: 18/05/2020



Your fundamental natural nature is pure chaos, without any concepts being added to it.
The actions you perform were formed when time began. And so the light is merely a
temporary twin of the darkness. And therefore evil is a part of you. Do not try to separate it
from you, for then it is given agency. Permission to be.
Embrace the tiger that exists within you, it will only strike from a distance.
In Zen, the sword that kills is used to kill that which can be killed. To remove that which can
be removed.
That which gets in the way of your true nature.Veteran techno producer “Heretic” returns with his solo project CATHARSIS and
has evidently succeeded in refining his musical vision. With INTO THE HEART OF NOTHING
he complements a soundasthetic which had been initiated with his previous release
A Purging of Demons.

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