Issue No. Nineteen

Format: 12''   

Label: Jealous God   Cat: JG019

Cat: JG019

Release date: 07/11/2017


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Jealous God’s Issue No. Nineteen is an unexpected industrial brawler by Esteban Adame, who’s best known for knocking out slick, latinate Detroit house and techno as part of UR’s Galaxy 2 Galaxy, I can, and Los Hermanos.

As Frequencia, however, he wrestles with a bruising industrial style, ranging from what sounds like a manic Jamal Moss edit in the cut-up hollers and churning rhythm of Adultery and Guilt, then with clenched EBm funk in Golden Hands, and like a Regis wrong ‘un from ’98 with the monotone jag of Live For Lust.

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