Jack Carel - Somewhere Out Here

Format: Cassette   Black Laser Engraved

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS-17

Cat: FLCS-17

Release date: 03/06/2022


Hay existencias

Jack Carel, makes his debut on Fill-Lex records with a mini album in the form of a tape.
These tracks wander through his closest influences, electro, IDM, industrial music and EBM.
Jack made a complex tribute to the most experimental music, mixing textures and frequencies, as can be heard in the introductory song of the album, “all eyes”, or closing the face with Sand Storm with more raw and industrial dyes typical of EBM and industrial electro. Turning the cassette we find a Carel more bizarre, with tracks like “no return” where his sharp hi hats, along with a penetrating melody will make you dance like a man possessed. With “tri cops” they lower the revolutions again and light the fuse of the musical density typical of industrial experimental music.
Each track is a different project, different approach and different interpretation ….. no geners, no limits!


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