Format: 12''   

Label: Kess Kill   Cat: KESS08

Label: Kess Kill

Cat: KESS08

Release date: 24/09/2018


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Sweden’s Kess Kill and Italy’s Veleno Viola join forces resulting in a (nowadays) rare vinyl split release, ie one side per label.

Violet Poison needs little introduction, being one of the first and most productive in the new new wave movement of industrial music. He helms the side Veleno Viola, coincidentally being his own label, with three songs of purist industrial with its feet in both body and rhythmic noise.

On Kess Kill’s side B, the very same Signore Baudazzi shows another side with his anarcho alias Bakunin Commando. Two tracks leaning heavily towards post-punk and proto-techno, raising the pulse far above the wholesome, in true Kess Kill manner.

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