Kick & Cut

Format: Cassette   

Label: Toksynna   Cat: TOK001

Label: Toksynna

Cat: TOK001

Release date: 28/12/2020


Hay existencias

Toksynna is a new label with a broad style thanks to the immense possibilities it can bring, or can be developed, with the experimental electronic music. For this reason, its line of action is going to be wide and at the same time homogeneous, as each release can be located in different environments and in different ways of understanding sound expression.

The first album perfectly channels the infectious and degraded image of the label. We can say that visually it is conceived in the image and likeness of this new artist, of which we do not know his origin and that it represents in a reliable way the experimental line that this label is going to follow, directed to genres such as advanced electronica, IDM, noise, ambient or industrial.

Kick & Cut is an 11-track work with a clear atmosphere, charged with tiny particles of volatile, minimalist and radioactive electronics. Its sound can be perfectly linked to different situations associated with nuclear contamination, from the warnings of Geiger counters to environments unsuitable for the life of any organism.

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