Kuleshov Effect

Format: 12''   

Label: Bite   Cat: BITE03

Label: Bite

Cat: BITE03

Release date: 23/07/2018



World condition introduces us to the sonic mayhem of SΛRIN thanks to grim atmospheres soon reached by old-school bass-lines and explosive beats. A grooving pattern is here displayed, enriched by well placed vocal samples and enthralling rhythmic obsessions. A techno/EBM mantra is unfolded for our ears, while the craft of holding and releasing the sonic tension is used at great effect. Jigar follows lead with its industrial structure based on stomping drum machines and droning bass-lines. New beat elements enforce a dancefloor-oriented direction while holding all of the aspects dear to SΛRIN, conjuring a captivating club number recalling late 80’s sounds.

Advantage uses more techno-infused elements, employing pounding bass sounds and thrilling kick drums, but it does not forfeit the grim soundscapes of the artist. An acid and minimal structure guides us toward the second minute, during which throbbing synths underline the syncopated rhythms. Nuke me ends the EP returning to dense soundscapes made of robust sci-fi drum machines and groovy synth-lines, which deliver a captivating techno-industrial mantra with hard beats and looping snare drums. The usual vocal samples and gloomy ambiances enrich the sonic palette evoking 80’s action movies and militant rhythms.

The BITE series keeps going strong offering another fine example of the current techno-industrial sound heavily influenced by old-school EBM and new beat. Groovy bass-lines, strong rhythms and grim soundscapes are the main elements for a sound which menages to make the body move and the mind travel thanks to a specific imagery well evoked by the employed songwriting. SΛRIN’s sound keeps its usual lead, but a close listen reveals a subtle evolution with more varied rhythmic patterns and even more engaging solutions, and all in all more confidence in his skills. A welcome addition to the label’s outputs and to the world of industrial tinged techno-body music.

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