La Ambición del Nada

Format: 12''   

Label: Nada Records   Cat: NADA01

Cat: NADA01

Release date: 29/11/2019


Hay existencias

“La ambición del nada” has been created using software, synthesizer with a specific internal arpeggiator, a 909, a delay and a reverb.

“Nothing less” is a creation made with the conviction of merging mergers, with aggressive European strings and Detroit pads. It is born intrinsically with the impertinence of breaking with all kinds of rules or taboos.

Nada Records has comissioned the remix of one of the tracks toStanislav Tolkachev, main ambassador of the isolated Ukrainian scene.
The track by the usual parameters of the producer: namely, a sound that builds bridges between Berlin and Detroit in which the rules are out of the conver- sation, always experimenting with textures and polyhedral environment.

The Barcelona-based design studio Esiete is behind Nada Records’ visual identity. With this first release, Javier Pereda has drawn inspiration from its title, the graphic representation of nothingness. The first 50 copies in addition, includes the insert “La ambición” and is part of a limited edition for collectors and nihilist friends.

“It has been very satisfying to create music giving zero fucks about it. Feeling in the “nowhere” is the feeling that has led me to claim that the only thing to understand is that there is nothing to understand.” / Neiland [i

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