La belleza Del Oxido

Format: 12''   

Label: GH Records   Cat: GHR100

Label: GH Records

Cat: GHR100

Release date: 01/03/2021


Hay existencias

bass, electric guitar, drums, synthesizers and music production. This project arises from the ashes of other bands in which he has participated.

“La belleza del óxido /The beauty of rust(2021) is a reflection of how time goes by, a metaphor for our fleeting existence. A poetic vision of the corrosion of the skin, of the soul, of age and of death, showing the beauty that exists in this decadent process, just as happens with the oxidation of metals in their exposure to time and the elements.

The sonic and aesthetic thread of the album is the reference to rust: noise, squeaks and metals, which accompany the melodies creating colorful passages that are mixed with elements of various musical styles from which it is influenced, always with his own very recognizable style, which consists of minimalist and repetitive dance electronic bases with melancholic melodies of guitar, bass and synthesizers.

After some self-produced works, such as “Ciudades Invisibles” (2000), “Minimalista” (2005), or “Desaparecer(2019), published on CD and digital platforms. In this new album Fête bets on the vinyl format and the “Do it yourselfproduction, with the collaboration of the label GH Records.

This new album closes a cycle of several years of producing and composing, and comprises a selection of 8 songs chosen from a large number recorded in recent years. The music, the concept, the design of the covers, have been entirely created by Fête, except for “Todos contra todos” a free version inspired by an original song by Sergio Alfonso (producer and drummer). The theme “To Helen” is a tribute to the romantic literature of Edgar Allan Poe, and the lyrics are taken from the author’s poem with the same title.

Mixing and mastering are carried out by the producer José M.ª Aboga (Redhome Studios) Avencio Delgado collaborates with his label GH Records

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