Lack Of Beeing

Format: 12''   

Label: Creme Organization   Cat: CREME12-74

Cat: CREME12-74

Release date: 14/11/2014


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Hamburg based producer Yør is next up on Dutch powerhouse Creme Organization with a four track EP that continues in his muddy and muddled techno tradition. Yør has won himself many fans with but a few releases on labels like Purple Maze and shtum and as such deserves this step-up to Creme.

Taking up the whole of the a-side, opener ‘Lack Of Being’ is a swampy brew of slowly churning, buried deep drums, droning synths and crackling static that conveys a real sense of loneliness and pain. B1 cut ‘Unbennant’ is a more propulsive cut with driven kick drums racing along beneath spangled and sinewy synth lines. Train track like percussive embellishes the sense of groove and then ‘Torn’ continues to canter along, with juddering drums sounding like they might collapse at any minute. Again it feels like you are on some broken old train racing to somewhere ominous. Last track ‘Apophis’ is a little cleaner and more crisp, with icy hi hats, late night howling synth patterns and nimble, elastic basslines. This is darkly atmospheric music that is as uneasy to listen to as it is wholly captivating.

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