Lay Enviroment

Format: 12''   

Label:   Cat: FU.ME011


Cat: FU.ME011

Release date: 30/03/2020



New asset on the granted Future Me Records: up-to-date hostile trio project, nomads from the unknown suburb. 4 grungy ritualistic tunes building up a hedonistic code for the dancefloor.
Spectral fog on “Tuxedo” opening the EP, increasing the voodoo environment with “Lebabon”. It falls to the slow-erosion beat “Ancient Prog” to shut the A side.
An obscure timbre marks the B side: it’s the stabbed rough track “Torpedo”!
Ending with the very radical Kluentah’s imprint assaulting “Torpedo” — crafting a nasty remix which whips out the deranged flesh of the original track.

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