Linear Authority EP

Format: 12''   

Label: KR/LF   Cat: KRLF001

Label: KR/LF

Cat: KRLF001

Release date: 01/06/2016



Technologic sound research finds its simmetry in a point among past, present and future. KR/LF platform, founded in Italy by Kill Ref, really aims at it. Endlec, already known for his double appearance on Mord, ushers the label series: Linear Authority is a fast techno cutting-edge sound designed EP. Thus aesthetically classic, it can also truly represent the modern rhythm contemplation KR/LF is seeking.
On the A side, The original title track is a punchy frantic bpm killer tool built upon a raw syncopated bass and retrospective distorted synthesizers. Glory Days is an obsessive bassline crescendo drawn on nasty drummachine progression: a real timeless banger weapon.
Remixes on the B Side are a nuclear enforcement: on B1 Binny has thrown down a Glory Days remix resulting one of his best dense hypnotic bassline opera driving a fast breakneck smashing tool. And hiddden behind his notorious alias X501 vs LFJ, the italian Raffaele Attanasio gives on B2 a reconstructive remix of Linear Authority throughout a modern perspective of the true sound of Naples: perc and hi hats progressive attack embedded in a stomping distorted kick and crazy analog overdrived bassline envelopements.
Linear Authority EP will stay an everlasting sharpen blade for radical techno lovers.

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