Litanies For Self

Format: 12''   

Label: Blacksilk Records   Cat: BSLK005

Cat: BSLK005

Release date: 12/12/2018


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The fifth issue of Blacksilk sees the return of label head Marc Ash. Following the debut of his one-project moniker Plovdiv in 2016, a tape EP on Clan Destine and appearances on labels such Helena Hauff’s “Return to Disorder”, he now comes forth with a work that reveals a deeper side of his obscure and multifaceted vision of electronic music.

Rejecting any fixed musical categorization, the listener is left free to decide how to deal with these compositions, each one exploring different areas of Marc’s approach to existence through seductively articulated synth lines.

A work of self-reflection and a stark celebration of controversial times of uncertainty and doubt.

Deadpan vocals extracted from Godard films, eerie Teutonic fairytales and Marc’s own deconstructed voice take the listener by the hand on a rollercoaster of anxiety and active resignation to the absurd post-everything age in which we live.

Silent Servant’s reinterpretation of “Take your Judgments” crowns the EP with a shadowy march built on repetitive sequences, abruptly waking us up from the sinister dream and leaving a sweet yet sour taste in our mouths.

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