Longhorn Beetle

Format: 12''   

Label: Zodiak Commune   Cat: ZC012

Cat: ZC012

Release date: 02/03/2018


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Zodiak Commune Records continues the Insectum serie with a brand new EP from Acidupdub called “Longhorn Beetle”. He specially made this 4-tracker in various styles of techno and acid.

War of The Worlds
This track is a perfect dj tool. Very nice progressive acid techno floor filler with heavy energy on the 303 patterns. This beat goes on!

Coffee Spliff
A mysterious opening on this one. The punchy kick will make a perfect minimal techno track out of it. Let the dreamy atmosphere take over.

Dark Summer
On the b-side you can notice the energy is building up. The reverb on the acid sweep creates lots of space around you. High quality acid techno.

Zodiak Prophecy
He ends this journey with an uptempo acid techno piece with a dark progressive touch. The delay on the 303

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