Los Montes en Llamas

Format: 12''   Red Transparent + Poster + Dig Download

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: LEI2

Cat: LEI2

Release date: 29/03/2019


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Los Montes En Llamas was mainly recorded in August and September 2017 at the Benalúa town theatre and other places in the province of Granada, Spain. Antonio Travé directed the recording, for which a great amount of borrowed and owned devices were used.

Pedro Izquierdo (Runawayrecording) mixed the tracks and Alberto Chamorro (Sonobalance) mastered them, with Antonio Travé as producer.

All songs in the album were written and performed by Elemento Deserto, with the special collaboration of Carolina Sánchez (backing vocals in “Relative Love” and sleigh bells in “Le Dieron Tormento”).

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