Lost Series (Part 2)

Format: 12''   Clear

Label: Frigio Records   Cat: FRV013

Cat: FRV013

Release date: 15/02/2014



Lost Series (Part 2) is the continuation of the series started by Juanpablo last year and as in part one, the music grows out of the darkest recesses of the natural world. These series are dedicated to creatures that are disappearing from this planet because of human colonization of their territory.

Four tracks have been skillfully constructed by the Colombian artist, each one leading the listener deeper into the mindset of the Frigio boss. On this second part, the music gets a more hypnotic feel with a less melodic approach but keeping the roughness and unique sound from its predecessor Lost Series(Part 1). In “Orca” Juanpablo gets together with Ekis, member of ArD2 project who delivered “2048 The Mixes EP” on Frigio03 a few years back.

“Polar” and “Glaciar” are developed with long, spiraling sequences, raw bass/drums patterns descending to produce a deadly dance-floor effect. “Orca” and “Iceberg” arrive with heavier atmospheres and some sci-fi feel. Special arrangements and vocal sampling have been employed to complete an exclusive landscape of sounds.

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