Love, Labour, Loss

Format: 12''   

Label: Avian   Cat: AVN026

Label: Avian

Cat: AVN026

Release date: 17/10/2016



British producer Pris preps his sophomore EP for Avian.

Love, Labour, Loss marks the Berlin-based producer’s second outing on Guy Brewer’s Avian label, and a further refinement of a production aesthetic that pitches caustic, heads down tool Techno & greyscale IDM against more meditative Ambient & Drone recordings.

AVN026 tackles familiar themes, and the same low slung, deep-seated sense of unease found on earlier offerings, released via both Avian itself & Unbeknown To Us – the producer’s own outlet, winds its way in and amongst the work. There’s a lightness of touch to this most recent effort though, and experimentation with more overtly musical sequences proves fruitful, drawing on a previously untapped energy to great effect. The same goes for forays into more complex rhythmic structures – taught, processed percussion sits bright in the mix, working to generate an anxiety that is fast becoming a hallmark of the artist’s work.

Whilst the material maintains a keen focus on the crushed, droning sonics that have come to characterise the label’s output, Love Labour Loss, is an impressive development – offering at once both a new dimension to the artist’s work, but also a congruent, streamlined addition to the Pris discography.

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