Format: 12''   

Label: Modal Analysis   Cat: MA08

Cat: MA08

Release date: 24/07/2015



M.D.O.F. (Multiple Degree of Freedom) EP brings us to the 8th Modal Analysis release; an improvisation-noise extract from the studio collaboration between the Greek electronic producer Panos Kyveleas, (a.k.a. BIOMASS), and the Italian impro-noise duo R.O.M. (Alessandro Quintavalle/electronic bass & Luca Pastore/tenor sax). M.D.O.F.#1 presents a series of soundscape textures, blended with (processed)
saxophone melodies. M.D.O.F.#2 and M.D.O.F.#3 are two very unique
noise/free-jazz sessions, including both bass and saxophone solos, along with distorted ambience. M.D.O.F.#4 is based on rhythmic bass themes and abstract electronic and saxophone sounds, fused into drone layers. All tracks were recorded and mixed at Music Trade Lab in Napoli (Italy) by Fabrizio Piccolo.

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