Machines in Care

Format: 12''   

Label: LKR Records   Cat: LKR007

Cat: LKR007

Release date: 20/09/2019


Hay existencias

LKR hits release number 007 with a suitably smooth and stealthy electro offering from Ouxh. This is a new, mysterious artist making their debut, and an impressive one at that: the title track is a thoughtful number thanks to the lingering chords which hang behind muted drums and perc, while “Birdman” has a chirping bird lost in a rather eerie landscape populated by a corrugated bassline and unsettling chords. Last of all is the excellent “Coma Void”, with stepping, jungle influenced rhythms and a tense vocal loop that pans about the mix to make for something brilliantly dynamic. On this evidence, Ouxh is one to watch.’

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