Madre Means Mother

Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC002

Cat: IC002

Release date: 25/11/2019



Madre Means Mother is an experimental conceptual album with 10 tracks in which he especially rewards his elaborate diversity and the heterogeneity of all his works, which despite the plurality of textures is consolidated as an inherent block.

The reference opens with Mother, a track that fundamentally honours the cause of this extensive work in which a harmonic line stands out that initially represents the sentimentalism and security of a mother, and that during its evolution is diluted in confused stages until restoring in its final cycle the tranquillity of the first steps. Sadre is of a transgressive nature, from the first second he is awarded a rigid temperament that increases even more in the middle of the track. Cadre’s mix of elements to accompany and crunch a harmless melodic motif is particularly striking. Ladre is a course of uniform cadence in which everything that revolves around the industrial rhythm is masterfully twisted. Radre is a degraded melody that travels over a bubbling background.

Badre is simply an arpeggio accompanied by a marked bass drum and a small set of percussive elements that gradually incorporates new organisms into its structure until it completely modifies the work to transform it into an entire ecosystem. Nadre is more categorical, deep and futuristic, his main quality is inorganic. Tadre sounds from the entrails, as a perfect harmony of the underworld, and with Fadre returns to sanity after a few first steps that give continuity to the previous track, quickly snatching the bad vibrations with long chords that raise serenity. Fadre prepares the end of the journey with solemnity. Father is the tenth and last track of the album, and with it a more stable mood is consolidated in which he denotes a firm step and confidence.

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