Format: 12''   

Label: Masa Series   Cat: MASA001

Cat: MASA001

Release date: 16/10/2020


Hay existencias

Masa begins his series together with Korean designer Song Hojong with the aim of promoting the arts as a valuable cultural transmitter. To this end, MASA 001 brings together a soigné selection of sound and design to create a colourful expression of sparkling liveliness.

The connection between emerging producers like Natural Language and Texture, members of EgoTrip collective, give birth to Blitzar, a track full of good vibes and emotional braindance. For his part, Manel Ruiz 6tmä brings back the characteristic and charismatic English Acid House from the 90s with Robert De Lirio. Furthermore, local duo Tony & Hawk portrays with Who Lands Drones, their cheeky spirit through an imposing techno rave bangerz. Last but not least, magician Roger van Lunteren joins Masa family with a 20-year-old track that seems not to lose heart and power over time as it is the case of Red (Touchée).

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