Format: 12''   

Label: Rator Mute   Cat: RM-001

Label: Rator Mute

Cat: RM-001

Release date: 25/01/2019


Hay existencias

New label, Rator Mute, which presents the debut of its founders: Telephasycx !, duo halfway between industrial music, noise and electro, formed by Maryah Gamboa (responsible for various experimental and noise music projects on stage Madrid underground) and Vicente Martín (Hard Taste / MicroClub)
A four-track EP titled ‘math.random ()’, which has been mixed by none other than Carl Finlow and mastered by Alek Stark, and has been performed live on several occasions. Telephasycx! in a short time they have become an important reference of rhythmic Industrial music in our country, with the particularity of having a strong influence of a more habitual style within club music such as Electro. The great sound also stands out and the cover of Alonso Urbanos. Limited edition. Recommended.

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