Men At Werk - Men At Werk EP

Format: 12''   Black Etched Vinyl

Label: N9   Cat: N9.017

Label: N9

Cat: N9.017

Release date: 04/07/2022


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What would happen if Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk) had fell in love with Anne Dudley (Art Of Noise) ?
That’s exactly how “A Spanner In The Werk” sounds : a blend of soulful melodies and robotic rhythms, that proves, at last, that the concept of Techno and of a love song can meet… and enjoy a fruitlful intercourse !

Composed in 1996, this unreleased track gained massive positive reactions as a bonus on the label 2xLP compilation released in 2021.
So here’s a brand new Longform Mix, getting even deeper into android sensuousness.

The EP also have cult Rephlex duo D’arcangelo providing an exclusive remix, filled with a firework of those delicate electronic drifts they excel at.

The package ends with a weird vocal electronica opus, offering obsessive melodies relentlessly unfolding under the disturbing monologue of a tangled mind. Or not ?

All tracks are beautiful mastered by Techno and Acid mastermind Thomas P. Heckmann (Drax, Trop etc)

“Men At Werk EP” is of course dedicated to the inspirational masterminds Ralph & Florian, Anne, JJ, Gary, Paul Morley, and Trevor Horn, and to the late and deeply missed Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire).

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