Format: 12''   

Label: Fixed Rhythms   Cat: FRS002

Cat: FRS002

Release date: 05/11/2020



Joseph Sardashti is a producer residing in Detroit that hails from a musically minded family in a small town in Oklahoma. His sonic foundation was formed in learning classical violin and listening to Santana as a child. Sardashti became obsessed early on with the raw sounds of funk and hip hop, which is clear in his initial productions. Following his relocation to Detroit in 2016, his music made a reciprocal shift to darker, faster, dance-focused rhythms. He makes his tracks live–every recording a performance of its own. Sard throws the monthly Tunnel Visions party in Windsor, which focuses on featuring Detroit and Canadian talents for an evening of weeknight dance and expression. Sard relieves stress daily by making and mixing music.

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