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Label: Faith Disciplines   Cat: FAITH009

Cat: FAITH009

Release date: 26/12/2019



The METATRON is now out! A live album which publish as the ninth reference Faith Disciplines, a label dedicated to industrial, experimental electronics and noisy shit, which has already released notable references, such as German Army/GeAr or Group. METATRÓN has markedly tekno bases, some of them more teknopunk, kind of Suicide with a rockabilly Alan Vega, or others more minimal similar to Bruce Gilbert’s Dome. But for me the coolest part of the project is the set: piezoelectric microphones makes sound to a 1.8-sheet stainless steel as a bass drum, a stainless steel board with a group of thin galvanized plates, reverb springs, industrial trays and many rivets that serve as “melody” in addition it uses a few accessories such as cages, a drill, steel strips, threaded rods with washers with the same metric, spoons and others. All this sound mass is processed by cheap pedals and pedalboards (digital microprocessors) for guitar, such as the ZOOM GFX-707, or the ZOOM G3XN, with this one, several LOOPS are built in an artisanal way (manual mode) composing the horny danceable bases. No musical instruments, no computers, synthesizers, sequencers or shits (listen, all that is very expensive) is necessary to start to make some beats to dance.

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